Protect your Sleep and well-being

from Electrosmog

Electrosmog (EMF) is the collective term for all man-made electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Electrosmog is invisible, inaudible and odorless, but omnipresent. Examples of its sources are all kinds of domestic electrical installations, high-voltage power lines, induction heaters, computers, WiFi, anti-theft devices, cordless phones (DECT), mobile phones, baby intercoms, TV, radar, radio and television broadcast facilities, wireless communication, smart meters, intelligent housing and remote controlling.

Electromagnetic radiation is on the increase

As electric power consumption rises constantly and wireless communication technologies rapidly spread with the changes in work practices and social behaviour, the intensity and volume of radiation grows.

5 G

With global mobile data traffic expected to grow eight times by the end of 2023 there is a need for a more efficient technology with higher data rates, more capacity, higher security and spectrum utilization. Streaming, self-driving public transportation, surveillance and monitoring, autonomous cars, drones, security systems and real-time information require constant wireless access at high rates and large capacities without dead spots.

In order to turn the whole world into one big “hot spot” with constant wireless access it will take an enormous amount of small antennas instead of or in addition to the present large antennas.
Today tests are made where antennas are mounted on public street lamps, on top of delivery trucks, busses and buildings. In the end the human being is exposed to a significantly increased level of electromagnetic radiation.

And the consequences for our well-being?

Virtually every citizen is exposed to EMF. Everyone reacts but differently to electrosmog. Minor to severe impairments of well-being and health are experienced depending on the strength of the electromagnetic radiation and on the people’s sensitivity to electrosmog. How about the future?
We need to protect ourselves in order to guarantee our quality of life.

Electrical devices, radar, radio communications, mobile phones – the sources of electrosmog are many and various.