Why Swiss Shield®


High Shielding Efficiency ­– Certified     

All our Swiss Shield fabrics are tested and certified according to international norms by third party test institutes. All Certificates are available on our homepage  :(at the moment the old ones are still online)      

High Textile Qualities

Our aim developing shielding fabrics was to solve a technical problem with a textile solution but our solution should have all textile qualities like any other fine cotton fabric such as Soft Touch, machine - wash ability, dyeing, ironing, good look and sewing.                                                                      

Extreme Long-Life Span

We have been selling the fabrics also as curtains since 1998. We have been informed about curtains which have been washed several times every year and today they are all still fully functioning. Bad water quality will not destroy the Swiss Shield fabrics. Our competitor’s silver-plated nylon fabrics takes damage from poor water quality i.e. containing Sulphur, with higher fluoride content and low PH-Values.

Normal Machine Washing           

You should threat our shielding fabrics like you threat any other fine cotton fabric. You do not have to take any special precautions. You can wash your Swiss Shield fabric at 30 / 40°C with normal washing detergents.

High Dimensional Accuracy

Our fabrics are easy to cut and sew as they have a very high dimensional accuracy.

High Sustainability

We, at Swiss Shield, pay particular attention to the consumption of raw materials and other treasures of the earth. We take care of the following generations. Due to our very efficient production facilities, we only use what we need to produce the Swiss-Shield Fabrics. Our waste will flow back into the production process, so that we produce very resource-efficiently. Our sustainable products are not just limited to producing the smallest possible CO2 footprint, but also, to create long-term jobs with good working conditions and living wages. If you want to support this, Swiss-Shield AG is the right place for you!!!!