Swiss Shield®

Advantages compared to our Competitors

No Chemicals – OekoTex 100 Certified                       

All our fabrics are free from any harmful substances. All our fabrics are continuously being tested according to the Oekotex 100 and we are even allowed to make baby-underwear (highest classification). Our present Oekotex 100 Certificate is available here. 

No Silver-plated Polyamide Yarn

All our competitors are using a silver-plated Nylon string/line (Polyamide monofilament). We all know that nylon is soft and silver hard. When you bend the silver-plated Nylon yarn i.e. in the washing machine, by drawing the curtains or getting in and out of the canopy, the silver layer will crackle and sooner and later fall off. Even though you cannot see the crackles, electricity will not be able to run through the silver (conductivity will be reduced) and the shielding efficiency will be reduced / disappear as well.

No Contact with Silver

With Swiss Shield fabrics you will at no time be in contact with silver.

  • Silver – a toxic threat to our health and environment.
  • Silver is toxic to all living cells.
  • Silver contributes to antibiotic resistance.
  • Silver is deposited around nerves and in deeper skin layers and may cause permanent skin damage.
  • Silver is intimately associated with environmental contamination of other toxic heavy metals such as mercury, lead and nickel.                    

We safe the Nature – No Polyester – No Micro Plastic – No Nano Plastic      

WWF has made a very comprehensive study of the Micro Plastic in the Nature. Plastic microfibres are widespread in waterways and the oceans, where their impact on marine life is still largely unknown, and are commonly found in people’s bodies, including the placentas of unborn babies. A single wash can release thousands of pieces of microplastic, and – counterintuitively – the delicate wash cycle available on many washing machines can result in even more being released than standard cycles. People are advised to wash clothes made of artificial fibres inside a pillowcase where possible, as this allows them to be cleaned but can prevent some of the fibres being released.               

No Discoloring

Silver turns grey when it oxidizes. This is a common problem with all fabrics made from silver-plated polyamide yarn. Swiss Shield fabrics do not discolor.   

No Bad Smells (Smelling)  

Often people sleeping in a canopy made from silver-plated polyester complain about bad smells. It is not known why the silver smells, it is assumed that it is the oxidation process causing the bad smelling.

No Nano Particles

Some producers use Nano-particles in the silver-plating process. Nano Particles are definitely not healthy for human beings as we take up the particles through our skin and lungs. As Swiss Shield is not using silver-plated polyamide our fabrics are free from harmful substances.